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Architectural Engineering

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Quality Control

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Project Managment

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Over the past 13 years, Hiram Power has created strategic alliances with local and national Architectural/Engineering firms to help enhance the look and function of your project. These relationships, combined with our in-house experience leading design-build projects, lends itself to creative solutions that have a form and function for our customers.



Schedule, design and cost are the most important factors when planning a project. We have experienced schedulers, estimators and builders who can help make your project a reality. Whether its budgetary pricing, schedule analysis, value engineering or any other collaborative process, we pride ourselves in bringing value to the table up front to help deliver exceptional service to our exceptional customers. 



We take great pride in our safety program at Hiram Power. The first and most important thing we do every day, is make sure that our employees and everyone around us are safe on a jobsite. We believe that we have some of the best safety professionals in the industry working for us. That’s why we not only make sure that our projects are safe, but can offer those same services to your project.

Quality Control

Do it right the first time. You save time and money when you get the job done right the first time around. Our enhanced Quality Control, both on the job and in our prefab shop, ensures that we meet and exceed expectations. Our Quality Control Team is a highly experienced third party that can evaluate the work you or your contractor are putting in place.


Project Management

Our Project Management Team is second to none. Our team’s experience spans various industries and projects across the globe. We thrive off of challenging projects with aggressive schedules, budgets and designs. We believe we can not only effectively manage your projects, but offer services that enhance your project management team as well.



​It’s important to get Electrical and General Trade pricing right the first time. Our team has the ability to not only estimate Electrical and Low-Voltage, but can help with overall project budgeting as required.


Additional services

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